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Center for Inclusive Citizenship

The Centre for Inclusive Citizenship (CINC) is a network of researchers, dealing with different subjects. They mainly deal with the connection of different thematically aspects under a focus on inclusive citizenship. With this research centre, the Leibniz University of Hanover is going to take a crucial role in national and international research in this field. 

The research centre assumes that modern forms of political participation are mainly used besides the classical ones, such as a membership in parties or workers’ unions and voting. This makes a focus on these new forms of participation even more important. Many new forms have an inclusive effect on political participation, but without even noticing, they also create exclusion. An example can be seen in digital citizenship. Subjective behavior and diversity with all it’s exclusionary mechanisms are in focus of the researchers. Moreover, the research centre takes a bottom-up perspective asking for societally important forms of citizenship, understood as participational practices. 

The field of research is expected to brighten up, eschpeially from a critical-reflexive point of view. Within the process of research, the topic will be examined critically. The concepts is elaborative but not unchangeable. It aims to find new approaches besides the already existing educational and social-scientific ones.